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    Generate AV-Mixer App

    Generate is an AV Mixer for iOS and Android. It creates visuals live on your phone for upload to social or streaming to VJ sets at festivals around the world.

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    MiMMIC is a modular canvas system designed for displaying video art across a series of wirelessly linked iPads.

  • TAWBP_net2

    BTC Cam.net

    BTCCam.net is a HTML5 (Chrome) experiment that visually combines segments of a bill dynamically using Javascript and data collected every time a bitcoin is traded.

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    Human Powered Internet Camp

    Long range networking with a twist. Participants at Burningman could ride my arduino controlled router-bike in exchange for wifi access during the festival.

  • Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 7.03.14 PM

    Street Language

    Street Language creates a layered expressionist painting with the shape and color it's audience's bodies, and the symbolism of the street.

  • Perfect Triangle

    The Perfect Triangle

    This game challenges the player to make a perfect triangle. The Perfect Triangle is hypnotic, and peaceful to play.